Current Females

Fairoaks Ferraria
Red​ tri bitch.   Very nice conformation and movement. Lovely head.  Loving disposition and devoted to my son Ethan, which is very typical of this cross, which has produced some gorgeous and talented progeny including several ATCH's.
Having started with Aussies in 1966' and breeding in 69' then planning to develop a Bloodline in 1973,  I have experienced a lot of ups and downs, but I hung in there and here we are in 2019. !  What an exciting adventure.  Not just having pups and evaluating every litter but my total involvement with the emerging ASCA and its programs.
   When the Hall of Fame program was developed Fairoaks ​ was 'grandfathered' in to the program having about 3 times the needed titles to qualify. Then Hall of Fame Excellent​ a bit later.
  Most breeders, including my self give the credit to the males, because they can produce scads more progeny then a female.
But really good bitches are really important.  In fact, if you can only have a couple dogs, have bitches and select males from outside.
But if you were/are like me and have all the room you need where you can have both you are lucky.
   In 2017 I started to have some medical problems and by 2019​​​ had to make a hard decision and place all my dogs, EXCEPT 3.  The three I have now and the accumulation of 50 or more yrs of breeding.
  I hope to be able to continue having about 1, or 2​ litters a yr. but only time and my health will tell.
Let me introduce my two females.  Please access the pedigree pages to see many of the bitches these girls have come from.

​. .​​​
Fairoaks Scat Kat Katie
Katie is a classic, very typy girl.  19 1/2" and 39#.  Super sweet if she knows you.  Typical old style temperament. Beautiful, sound movement  and her first litter by Fairoaks Justified is really nice. 
 Pictured at one year.

Sire-  Fairoaks Tight Black Levis                                                  Dam-  Fairoaks Harlequin Kiss​
Grandparents to Katie .Directly above.

Fairoaks Justified             Fairoaks Lyka Lilly    Fairoaks Talkin' to the Blues      Fairoaks Lyka​​
 Sire-                                                                                              Dam-
Fairoaks Justified                                                                                   Fairoaks Lyka Lilly​


Fairoaks Drisco Atredyes            Tri Farms Joy                  Fairoaks Smokin Pistol            Fairoaks Lyka​​
 Great grand Parents            Great grand Parents of Levi                        Great grand Parents  Coe                   Great grand Parents

 Two pictures above                Two pictures above                                Two pictures above                      ​       Two pictures above ​

Int. Ch, Fairoaks Aladar          Fairoaks Smokin' Pistol aka, Atom       Int.Ch.Fairoaks Talkin' to the Blues         Fairoaks Quanto

Directly above-                        Directly above-                                       Directly above-                                       Directly above

Tri Farms Joy​​​​​​                           Fairoaks Lyka                                         Fairoaks Alita                                         Fairoaks Rebekha