Ch. Chulo Rojo of Fairoaks HOF ROMXIII
                                     Fairoaks AtreyuSTDd, OTDsc
                                                     Fairoaks Kegline Catalina​​​
                      Int Ch. Fairoaks Aladar
                                         ​​            Powder River Cool Hand Luke
                                     Boothill Ronita of Fairoaks
                                                      Fairoaks Ginger Ale​​​​
sire-  Fairoaks Drisco Atreydes                  Int. Ch. Fairoaks Lazario
                                      Int'l Ch. Fairoaks Tavarak
                                                      Fairoaks Jam​i Jo  ​
                     Fairoaks Gina Lola  ​           Ch. Chulo Rojo of Fairoaks HOF, ROMXIII 
​                                       Fairoaks Allure
                                                        Imagineers Odette of Fairoaks​
                                                        ​Hanging Tree Spook OTDc,STDs,d
                                       WTCH Hangin Tree Dude RTD, PTSD
                                                         Hanging Tree Roja​
                      WTCH Jacobs Reddog Hank Kinson RTDsc
                                       WTCH Kinsons Scootin Red Rustler 
                                                         Taylors Whiskey​
dam- Trio Farms Joy                Ch. Chulo Rojo of Fairoaks​
                                                         Ch. Las Rocosa Leslie CWD​
                                  Fairoaks Atreyu STDd, OTDsc(1ADc,s)​
                                                           ​Ch. Chulo Rojo of Fairoaks HOF,ROMXIII​
                                          Fairoaks Kegline Catalina​​​
                                                           Glacier Crest Seattle Secret​
                   WTCH Fairoaks Atoya CD RTDsc PATD
                                                           Fairoaks Atreyu​ STDd, OTDc,s 
                                            Fairoaks Fire Hawk​
                                                            Olivers Red Ruby RTD 
                                  Fairoaks Alita
                                                            Fairoaks Boot Hill Silver​
                                              Fairoaks Fin Rizell
                                                             Fairoaks Arabesque​

  Upcoming and Available litters
 Listed here are my Upcoming litters (not born yet) and puppies that have arrived and are available. 

Upcoming litter.  ​​

Due March 9. 2018-    Fairoaks Tyranzano x Fairoaks Acena.   Both Ty and Cena are cleared of the defects that affect Aussies.  Both are OFA-GOOD.  Possible all color litter.

Ty is 22" and Cena is 19'.  This will be a very nice litter of old style, all around Aussies.    Ty has a particularly interesting as his sire Coe is a Ch.Chulo of Fairoaks ROMXIII, HOFX, grandson.  As you can see there are many crosses to foundation dogs of the breed but not diluted for numerous generations.​​​​

        Sire   - TY​​​                                                                                                                      Dam-              Cena
Int.Nt Ch. Fairoaks Talking to the Blues.​       Fairoaks Lyka                                  Fairoaks Drisco Atreydes                              Trio Farms Joy.
             /                                                               /                                                               /                                                                 /
                           Fairoaks Alita         Fairoaks Quanto     Fairoaks Rebekah            Int Ch. Fairoaks Aladar      Fairoaks Gina Lola    WTCH Red  Dog          WTCH   Fairoaks    Fairoaks Atreyu STDd, OTDs.c                                                                                                                                                                        Hank Kinson CD​                      Atoya CD  
​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ​ WTCH Fairoaks   
​​                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ​​