These are various Aussie and horse books and catalogs that I have accumulated over the past 45 plus years.  Some are dated but can give you an excellent perspective of where much of our knowledge about both dogs, and horses has come from.  They are valuable in a historical perspective.  

  I'll send many of these for the $5.00 postage​​. Others are modestly priced.

 Items for sale
 Including but not limited too-

 Of Wolves and Men

Science and Technique of Judging dogs...Robert Berndt

​​​​​​​Successful Dog Show Exhibiting...Anna Katherine Nicholas

The Standard  Book of Dog Breeding- A New Look.....Dr. Alvin Grossmen

Solving the Mysteries​​​​ of Freed Type...Richard Beauchamp

The Complete Encyclopedia of Horses....Josee  Hermsen

The Great Pyrenees Puppy Book ....Bonnie Ross...,Edited by Paul Strang

Fox Trot Trackings I and II...Nadine Moeller​​​​

Political Readings​​​​​​

The Things that Matter Most...Cal Thomas

Women in The Military...Brian Mitchell​​​​