Litter Announcement

We will expecting an exciting litter, Aug. 6, 2019.
This is only possible because my son Ethan has agreed to be the co-breeder with me.  I should be getting around pretty well by then, but this litter would not be possible with Ethan carrying the​​heavy end.
Sire is Fairoaks SS Chicario ( Chewie) and Fairoaks Ferraria (Fera).  Chewie is from Tyranzanio and Acena and will be out of Fera (Raylon and Lilly).

There is a great history of good looking, titled dogs behind this litter.  ​​

Using these baby pictures as Chewie is bald as a pickle right now.   .
Feira red tri, is just as gorgeous now as she was then.​  Below are pictures taken
When the litter was 14 days old.  Head shot on the right was taken last winter.
 Here's Chewie at about 6 mouths.  at 14 mths and the end of summer he looks like he was playing in Nair !   Gorgeous structure and completely raggedy and hairless.