Fairoaks Justified
          " Raylon "
Raylan is my baby !  He is so devoted, very intense, active, shows alot of drive and is always eyeing everything.  Loves to attack the jet spray from the hose, leaping, chasing and biting.  He is so much like his grandsire Dar, it is uncanny.  Now at 4 yrs old he is a proven sire and carried red.  Has a super temperament here at home, but is not fond of going places but that could have to do with my condition and not being about to get him out when he was young.

  21" OFA Good,  eyes clear.
Sire- Fairoaks Drisco Atredeyes                                                         Dam- Trio Farms Joy
                                                  Both Drisco and Joy are deceased.​                                                             
                                   Fairoaks Tyrinzano
                                Int'l Ch. Fairoaks Talking to the Blues x Fairoaks Lyka

  Along with Raylon, Ty, Ty's son Chew​y​​ and Ty,s littersister, Harlie (female) are the future of Fairoaks (currently on lease).  Ty is a gorgeous young male.  He has turned out to be so much like his dad, grand dad and great grand dad, it is amazing. This litter from, Int'l Ch Fairoaks Talkin to the Blues &  Fairoaks Lyka, go to Chulo, born in 1973, in 3 generations.  You can not get closer to true foundation dogs of the breed.  I am including Ty in my males because he will continue to have an influence on Fairoaks .

Very pleased to announce that Ty now resides at Salty Creek Aussies, on a co-own, with Linda Murdock in So. Dakota.  Linda is raising some really nice pups so keep an eye on her FB page if you are interested . Ty is standing at Stud to approved females.  Contact Linda Murdock.   He has a clear genetic panel and is OFA Good and eyes clear.
                               Fairoaks Shinto

Brother to Ty.  Shinto is a Red bi color.  He has blond in this britches but no copper trim. Around 22". GORG​​​EOUS​​
          Shinto is now residing at Killian Ranches, in Mesa, Arizona.
I am privileged to co-own his lovely daughter, Kyria, with Jennifer
Figueroa,  Green Acres Aussies, in Pa.
Shinto loves his Hoover cat ! This picture is too sweet not to share.
Pictured in sunny, Arizona
Tys new home, looking out the back porch
 ​​​​​​Part of the agreement on Ty was that I got a blue Merle Male pup from Fairoaks Acena and Ty's litter. Had only one blue merle male and he is a real corker. Now residing with me.  In the future he will fit well into our breeding program with our 5 solid colored girls.

Introducing our future Stud Dog-               Fairoaks SS Chucario ​               ​​aka Chewie

Chewie had a clear genetic panel from both his mom and dad so he's ready to go, just eyes at 1 yr and OFA at 2 yrs.​
CHUIE....10 wks        ..............................................................
Chewie      Mischievous,  Brilliant and extremely entertaining. Strong willed, tough but Very willing to learn.

12 wks​​
Sire to Chewie,  Fairoaks Tyranzano                                                                                                    Dam to Chewie,     Fairoaks Acena

​​​Ty and Cena are OFA Good and eyes clear.    They are both clear on full genetic panel, making Chewie completely clear by parentage.
Shinto is a gorgeous dog and beautiful mover. OFA EX, eyes clear with a clear genetic panel.   Contact Mark Killian at Killian Ranches, Mesa, Arizona.
The Males At Fairoaks
CHEWIE, below at 6 mths 20"
Shintos lovely daughter, Kyrie with Jen Figueroa, co-owner after winning Her CGC.