Litter born July 30, 2018

        Puppy Plans for the 2018
I will be cutting way back as I have accomplished my goal which started in 1974, and that was to establish a bloodline ​that would positively impact the breed while retaining the traits and qualities of the traditional Aussie. Not planning another litter this yr. Hoping there will be a few more, extremely talented, old time litters available for the discriminating.And my enjoyment !
                       Litter born July 30, 2018
        Fairoaks Justified     x      Fairoaks Lyka Lilly
This combination, as proven from the previous cross's, has produced some gorgeous babies.
​They are typy, correct in structure with correct breed type and have just super personalities and temperaments. Any one of them is capable of MVA success. Maybe Championships and most definitely performance titles and of course, working stock titles as well as wonderful, faithful, devoted companions. Below are posted some of adults from previous litters.


Pictures taken on Oct 2., 2018

​​​Black and white male.               
Raylon is OFA- Good., eyes clear    Lilly is xrayed clear, eyes clear.
Blue merle, copper and white female                        sold to Colorado.
 Below are several of the adults from this cross.

Fairoaks Tight Black Levis   Black & white male​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                                Fairoaks Acena         Red Merle, copper and white female.
 Fairoaks Black tie Affair  Black and white male.
 Fairoaks Tight Black Levis
 Fairoaks Jackson   Red merle male                                                                          Fairoaks Sweetie Pie                Blue merle female
 This little dude is like a Mexican jumping Bean.  Cant get him to stand still for more than a second, then he see's something, and he springs alive.  Get him all settled again and in position, same thing again !  Definite Agility prospect and loads of ability and confidence for anything you want to do.  Time will tell if he's a conformation prospect and has working interest. Super sweet  and Kissified.


Oct. 2 2018    This little Dude is growing into a super puppy. Really bold and is already jumping off the porch that's 2 1/2 feet  off the ground.  Doesn't sound like much but when you're only 12" tall, its a big leap. 

He is so typy, correct and cute.

Available to a competitive home.​​​​

Super congratulations to all the new owners of this litter.   All reports so far are great.   The usually new puppy stuff, as well as how bold, smart, loving and devoted they are.