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Litter born Aug. 5. 2019

Here are pictures of our current litter.  They are by Fairoaks SS Chicario  ( Chewie)   out of Fairoaks Ferraria ( Fera).  We will not have another litter until possibly next spring/summer.
Puppies are pictured at 11 wks.  Pictures taken 10-30-19

Names can be changed to protect the innocent !​​

There are 5 pups.   Sure is hard to get them to stand up and not jerk Just as you take the picture.  but they are getting better and better.  Starting to show beginnings of that leggy stage.

Blue merle  and white female  at  1 1 wks.   Gorgeous blue bitch.  Gorgeous head, Beautiful structure and movement  Real live wire.  Wiggly,  kissie, and zippy .  Impossible to get her to stand still.  She see's the cat, a bug, hears a noise she is ready to fly off the table.  Loves to run and streak around but calms right down to snuggle.  She is top quality. 

Fairoaks Blue Monday


Red Merle, copper and white female at 10 and 11 wks Below) Full of piss and vinegar but settles right down. Fairoaks Lilliput   GOING TO NEW JERSEY       
Red Tri Female.  at 11 wks ( below) Dark Chocolate        REALLY super nice girl. Beautiful head,. really correct.  gorgeous mover. Heavy coat.  Real sneaky and aggressive when I play with their little flag.​
Fairoaks Molly Brown​      $1100
Red Merle, copper and white male   11 wk - Below.
  What  a character.  He's a real ham for the camera. He's very correct all the way around.
Fairoaks Ham'n​Beans     *Beans is getting better and better and has caught up. Thus the increase in price. Really going to be a great guy.  He's got it all and then some.